Anti viral and Antifungal herbs

The weather nowadays is displaying an erratic behaviour, somedays we have extreme hot, shower, and storms. These erratic weather conditions are hotbed for different viral and bacterial infections. For bacterial infections one can still take antibiotics, but for viral infections one can do nothing but wait. In south of India the spread of Nipah virus too has been cause of concern for many.In this post we will tell you about some common herbs that you can use at home and protect yourself from different infections
Oregano (अजवायन की पत्ती)
 They are an effective antiviral herb. It has been used for hundreds of years to fight infections allover the world. It has antiviral, antibacterial,antifungal, and antiparasitic properties. It contains high amounts of monoterpenoidic phenols (about 90% thymol and carvacrol)  this helps in the reduction of the biofilm formation and growth of foodborne pathogens and even spoilage microorganisms, thus making it a ideal natural choice for food preservation.…

Teepz for Healthy eating habits


Black salt Therapy - Teepz


Teepz for Rewiring the Brain: Fight Negative Emotions

"Every now and then Difficult situations in life Surround us Filled with pain, Engrossed in fear, We continue...
And life like an unfaithful partner
Continues to hit us where it hurts most" -- Dunija Rothschild
You will not find a single person in the world who has not been hit by life, the miseries and sufferings of life are universal. But as Buddha discovered about 2500 years ago, there is a way out. Today, we know it is mindfulness. A technique perfected and practiced by many meditation practioners.

Mindfulness is not difficult, rather it is very easy and by habitualizing the following seven points in your life you can change your life for good. In the starting it may seem a little difficult, but keep these Teepz infront of you every day and slowly you will discover the changed you:

Practice Gratitude: Be grateful for the blessings you received. And believe me there are many things to be grateful for. Being grateful reminds you to enjoy what you have. Start the day by writing d…

Teepz for peace

This is a small meditation I just received for someone, but as it was coming down it was clear that it can help many, and so it comes here...

We all have felt that our lives are getting busier day by day, not that we are doing something very significant, but we are busy!! Remember that this is the mind's way to turn away eye from the problem, from the truth. Know this, and instead of becoming busy start spending time with self. 

The meditation that I got is based on Thich Haht Nanh Song:
The song is not just to inspire but to live, feel the innocent pure laughter, that we all were born with.

Breathing in, breathing out; breathing in, breathing out
(Breath with complete awareness, be aware of the in breath, be aware of the out breathe, be aware even of the point in between)
I am blooming as a flower; I am fresh as the dew.
(Concentrate on your heart, remember your most happy memories, let the heart be fill of that happiness, let that happiness spread out from each and every part of you, …

Career Opportunities using Feng Shui

We all need money to survive, and to earn money it is imperative that we do job. And when we like the job we do, and we see our future in it, it becomes our career.

In this post I will tell you about sure shot ways to positively influence your career oppurtunities.
The first thing to do is identify the career area of your house, room, and working table (in office as well as home). If you need help in identifying the career area refer to this postNow that you know the career area, we activate it with positive energy using these:Citrine Ball: A citrine ball brings happiness and stability. If you are happy in the situation you are in your professional life and do not want it to change use Citrine Ball.Running Horses: A picture or statue of horses running into the room from career area is very good for career growth. It will make you super busy in your professional life.Waterfall: A picture or a real waterfall, placed such that water appears to fall inside the room from career area increa…

Upset over an Upset tummy????

As the summers have set in, most of us must have experienced an upset stomach once in a while or so. It could range from indigestion, acidity to irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea cramps. 

Don’t stress over this.....just try these: 

Have bananas, as they are easily digestible, contain pectin, which firms bowel movements and soothes the stomach muscles. Rice—White rice is best as it is easy on the sensitive digestive system and helps ease diarrhea. Also, the rice water left over after cooking rice relieves inflammation and soothes the stomach.Fresh mint—helps the flow of bile juice, relax stomach muscles and aids in digestion. Boil some mint leaves in 1 cup water and have this decoction after the meals. Ginger---relieves stomach cramps and diarrhea. Sip slowly warm ginger tea/ginger ale. Yogurt—with a healthy dose of probiotics, it aids in digestion and reduces the uncomfortable feeling. Coconut water—a natural drink that soothes the tummy and helps to replenish lost electrolytes. Cha…